BLS Industries is an innovative and leading group in the sanitaryware industry. We are one of Scandinavia's leading manufacturers of products for bathrooms and kitchens, all manufactured in-house in Sweden. The group's principal product segments are floor gullies, floor channels, indoor waste systems, stainless steel interiors and stainless steel sanitaryware. Thanks to dedicated investment in product development and a consistent strategy for new acquisitions, BLS Industries is today one of the principal suppliers in the industry, with a number of strong brands.



The BLS Polymer manufacturing unit in Ystad has a plastics department for liquid injection moulding and extrusion, as well as an assembly department. BLS Polymer has lengthy experience of the group's product range and the whole production chain, and works in close cooperation with the brand companies.

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BLS Stainless in Smålandsstenar manufactures stainless steel floor gullies, stainless steel sanitaryware and stainless steel interiors. Around 500 tonnes of stainless steel are used per year and there is solid expertise, not least in the fields of stainless steel plating and customised products for private homes and public places.

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BLS Plating is located in Lönsboda. The company's principal operation is the surface treatment of chrome-plated copper pipes which are used for external piping, for example in bathrooms. BLS Plating is the biggest producer of chrome-plated copper pipes in the Nordic region.

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BLS industries' brand companies JAFO, Purus, Unidrain and Trio Perfekta have very strong market positions on the Scandinavian market. With refined product ranges, the brand companies' products and systems are today synonymous with high quality, safety and innovative design.