Developing and manufacturing plumbing components

For more than 75 years, we have created functional and safe details for the plumbing industry. We develop and manufacture products in-house in Swedish, Lönsboda. The production process is manageable and self-control becomes a natural part of the business. This allows us to deliver reliable products at affordable quality, with a flexibility that benefits our customers.


Since 2002, we chrome-plated our copper pipes with trivalent chromium, which is a more sustainable production method for the environment and health. We develop our product range continuously so that the footprint on the environment is as small as possible.


The range consists of several product groups, mixer brackets, cover plates and wall plates.



Purus is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of products for bathrooms, kitchens and other demanding environments. The main product segments are floor drains, floor gullies, indoor drains, stainless interior, kitchen worktops and stainless sanitary ware

JAFO has a wide range of products such as floor gullies, tile frames, water traps, cleaning drains, flush drains, toilet traps, rat stops, sink water traps, shoe and boot washers.

Unidrain® was the first in the world to produce straight floor drains for placement close to the wall in the bathroom. Nowadays, the business has grown into an international design company where they also sell bathroom accessories, shower walls, shower floors and most recently an intelligent carpet system for the entrance.

Trio Perfekta has been developing and manufacturing plumbing parts for more than 80 years. Trio Perfekta’s product development and manufacturing takes place with a particular focus on safety, the environment and design from a sustainability perspective.