Available positions

Available positions


BLS Industries is the leading provider of water solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and other demanding environments in Scandinavia. BLS industries is the umbrella for many strong brands, such as; JAFO, Purus, Unidrain and Trio Perfekta. We make high quality products with focus on design, long lasting lifecycle and safe function in both stainless steel and plastic, all made in Sweden. We have production units in Ystad, Smålandsstenar and Lönsboda.

Our core values

These are the attitudes and behaviors that we build together within BLS. When we solve our tasks, we live according to our values, which also show how we relate to achieving the desired customer experience.


  • With will and participation, I create job satisfaction that is important to achieve our goals
  • I am curious, creative and create good relationships with the outside world


  • I stand by the decisions we make and dare to give feedback
  • I am open and honest
  • I dare to question and do something new


  • I keep what I promise and do what I say
  • I take responsibility for the whole and create added value for my customers and colleagues


Below you can see all available positions in BLS and our brand companies (Jafo, Purus, Unidrain and Trio Perfekta).