Manufacturing units


BLS Industries is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of sanitaryware for bathrooms and kitchens with production in Sweden. 

The manufacturing subsidiaries have solid experience and specialist expertise in technology and manufacturing, as well as high-capacity production resources for liquid injection. All production units are certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


The manufacturing unit in Ystad has a plastics department for liquid injection moulding and extrusion, as well as an assembly department. The production unit has lengthy experience of the group’s product range and the whole production chain, and works in close cooperation with the brand companies. 

Our unit has an area of over 19,000 m2 and has equipment including 21 liquid injection moulders of varying size and with clamping force of 65 to 500 tonnes. The company uses around 800 tonnes of plastic per year and produces, for example, 10,000 floor gullies per week, making us a market leader in Sweden. 

We invests every year in replacing the majority of its machines and in improved technology to raise productivity.


BLS factory in Smålandsstenar manufactures stainless steel floor gullies, stainless steel sanitaryware and stainless steel interiors. 

Around 600 tonnes of stainless steel are processed per year and there is solid expertise, not least in the fields of stainless steel plating and customised products for both private homes and public places.


BLS production unit and brand company Trio Perfekta are located in Lönsboda. The company’s principal operation is the surface treatment of chrome-plated copper pipes which are used for external piping, for example in bathrooms. 

Our unit is the biggest producer of chrome-plated copper pipes in the Nordic region and thanks to a flexible production process, has a high security of supply.