Brands with strong positioning

BLS Industries is a leading group in the sanitaryware industry, and one of Scandinavia's leading manufacturers of sanitaryware for bathrooms and kitchens.

BLS Industries manufactures and sells products for four different brands: JAFO, Purus, Unidrain and Trio Perfekta.

All manufacturing is done in our own factories in Sweden. The principal product segments are floor gullies, floor channels, indoor waste systems, stainless steel interiors and stainless steel sanitaryware. Thanks to dedicated investment in the development of innovative products and a consistent strategy for new acquisitions, the group is now one of the leading suppliers, with a number of strong brands.

JAFO has a broad range of products such as floor gullies, floor channels, shower channels, floor drains, tile frames, water traps, gullies, flushing pipes, WC sleeve couplings, rat stops, sink water traps, shoe washers and boot washers.

The head office, with customer service, product management and marketing, is in Lund, Sweden. JAFO is represented in the Swedish market and also has retailers in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic region.

JAFO offers affordable, high-quality sanitaryware products which can be used anywhere and enable water-resistant installation. In the Swedish market, JAFO also markets and sells the elegantly designed unidrain® floor drain.

Purus is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of sanitaryware for bathrooms and kitchens. The product segment includes products such as floor gullies, designed gullies, industrial gullies, stainless steel floor channels, products for indoor waste systems and installation, stainless steel interiors and stainless steel sanitary ware.

The head office, with customer service, product management and marketing, is in Ystad, Sweden. There are sales companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Great Britain, and an export department in Sweden.

With safety and quality as its top priorities, Purus focuses on its customers' needs and offers a broad range of innovative and functional products in the sanitary ware market.

Unidrain® was the first company in the world to produce linear floor gullies for positioning close to the bathroom wall. It has now grown into an international design company which also sells bathroom accessories, shower walls, shower floors and an intelligent mat system for entrances.

The head office, with customer service, product management and marketing, is in Denmark Unidrain® exports to the whole world.

All products marketed by unidrain® have the same DNA, born out of the Scandinavian design tradition, and all are manufactured to meet the same high expectations as the original floor gullies. At unidrain®, quality always comes first, and regardless of the product, design and function must always blend together.

Trio Perfekta has been developing and manufacturing sanitaryware components for over 75 years. The product portfolio includes mixer attachments, waste outlets, water ejectors, chrome-plated copper pipes and a special premium segment, DESIGN LINE, consisting of designed products. Trio Perfekta has also developed a unique chrome-plating process, using trivalent chrome.

The head office and manufacturing are located in Lönsboda. The company sells to the entire Nordic market.

Trio Perfekta's product development and manufacturing is particularly focussed on safety, environment and design from a sustainability perspective.